Here are a few of the many resources available in our community. Please email us with additions or corrections.

Community Organizations

Charlotte Black Pride

Charlotte Latin Pride


Charlotte Pride Band


Charlotte Queer Oral History Project

The Charlotte Queer Oral History Project is a community program begun to collect the stories of past and present members of the local LGBTQ community.


Charlotte Trans Pride


Charlotte LGBT Chamber of Commerce


Charlotte Pride


Equality North Carolina


Freedom Center for Social Justice


Gay Men’s Chorus of Charlotte


Human Rights Campaign Carolina



A digital learning platform for community education on gender and sexual identity.

King-Henry-Brockington LGBTQ Archive: Oral Histories and Publications

In 2013, the Multicultural Resource Center and the J. Murrey Atkins Library partnered to establish a local LGBTQ archive focusing specifically on Charlotte and the surrounding community.


LKN Connects

Mecklenburg LGBT Political Action Committee (MeckPAC)


One Voice Chorus


PFLAG Charlotte


Prime Timers of Charlotte


Queen City Connects

Queen City Prism

RAIN Carolina


Reel Out Charlotte


Southern Country Charlotte


Stonewall Connect


Stonewall Sports


Transcend Charlotte


Time Out Youth Center

Local Aging Organizations

Resource Listings

Time Out Youth Center Resource Listings


Time Out Youth Center Resource Listings for Adults


QNotes Event Listings

QNotes Local & Regional LGBTQ Community Resources August 2018


Affirming Church Directory

Equality NC Resource Listings


LGBT Center of Raleigh Community Resource Listings


LGBT Center of Raleigh Mental Health Resource Listings


SAGE Raleigh


SAGE Wilmington of the Cape Fear Coast




GLAAD Resource Listings